Robert Tranter - Consultant ENT Surgeon

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From 1982-2013 Bob Tranter was an ENT Consultant Surgeon at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals.

He holds qualifications in Medicine and Dentistry and has obtained fellowships in ENT Head and Neck surgery and Dental surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

His initial specialisation was in Head and Neck Surgery but he has had wide experience in all areas of ENT surgery, in particular looking after children with ENT complaints and also managing children with cerebral palsy who have specific ENT problems.

He has always interested in major ear surgery, including reconstructive mastoid surgery and bone anchored hearing aids

For 15 years, with his Neurosurgical colleague, Carl Hardwidge, he developed a skull base surgery facility at Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre.

In this Unit he undertook a wide range of skull base procedures, treatment of acoustic neuromas, infections and malignant tumours of the skull base.

He also repaired the damage caused by trauma to the skull base including the management of facial nerve palsy, traumatic hearing loss and cerebro spinal fluid leaks.

In the private sector his paediatric, otological and skull base specialisation was supported by Sussex Audiology, an independent Company of which he was a Director, that specialises in the diagnoses and rehabilitation of otological conditions

He has always been interested in the politics of private medical practice initially starting the Sussex Association of Consultants, he then joined the Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association serving as the Chairman on the independent practice committee. In 2001 with Mr Geoffrey Glazer, a General Surgeon at St Mary's Hospital, he helped to organise FIPO. This organisation of which he is the Treasurer is concerned about the standards in independent medical practice and recently published a Charter which was launched by Lord Darzi, Minister of Health at Westminster.

He is also Director of Premier SESMR and South East Specialist Medical Reports, which undertakes medical reports for claimants with noise induced hearing loss, personal injuries and medical negligence cases.

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Tel:01273 609768
Personal Assistant:Karen Charles