Robert Tranter - Consultant ENT Surgeon

01273 609768
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Curriculum Vitae


BDS: Birmingham
FDS, RCS: England
MB ChB: Bristol FRCS ENT: England

Appointed Consultant ENT Surgeon Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals in 1982.

Available for medico-legal cases and personal injury reports:

Hove Clinic
40 Wilbury Road
East Sussex  BN3 3JP  Tel: 01273 609768

10 Harley Street
W1G 9PF  Tel: 01273 609768


30 years of general ENT experience, including the management of:

Head and Neck Cancer
Nasal and sinus disease
Paediatric ENT surgery, including the treatment of ENT complaints in children who suffer with cerebral palsy
Middle ear and mastoid surgery
Bone anchored hearing aids

Experience in skull base surgery dealing with diagnosing and treatment of the otological complications of head injuries, whiplash, skull base fracture and the diagnosis of treatment of skull base infections and malignancies.

He has been invited to lecture and undertake surgical operations on all five Continents. He has organised medical conferences in Brighton, Birmingham and London.

Previous Director of Sussex Audiology Centres

An independent facility for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of audiovestibular conditions such as hearing loss and vertigo.

Director of Premier SESMR, South East Specialist Medical Reports

SESMR undertakes medico-legal cases related to personal injury, industrial disease and medical negligence.


Fellow of the Hospital Specialists and Consultants Association

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons Dental Faculty.

Fellow of the Hospital Specialists and Consultants Association.

Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Member of ENT UK.

Past President of the Sussex Med-Chi Society.

Secretary of the Brighton and Hove Medical Society.

Chairman of the Sussex Association of Consultants.

Treasurer of the Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisation (FIPO).

FIPO was set up in the year 2000 to maintain standards in independent Medical Practice in all aspects of medical and surgery care. Please see FIPO Charter at

Recent Publications

1. Lead article on Facial Pain, ENT News March 1996.

2. Future of ENT, feature article Hospital Doctor, 13th April 2000.

3. Review of management of drooling problems in neurologically impaired children: a review of methods and results over 6 years at Chailey Heritage Clinical Services.
Clinical Otolaryngology 2001, 26, 1 - 6.
R V Lloyd Faulconbridge, R M D Tranter, V Moffat and E Green.

4. Comparison of the endoscopic stapling techniques with more established procedures for pharyngeal pouches: results and patient satisfaction survey.
Journal of Laryngology 133/237.
S Van Eeden, R V Lloyd and R M D Tranter.

5. Follow Up and MRI scanning following surgery for acoustic neuroma - UK Practice and Evidence Review.
J R Gooden, C Hardwidge, R M D Tranter.
March 2003, Barcelona, European Skull Base Meeting.

6. Post 2004 Skull Base Surgery Conference in Sydney.
Hearing on a Pedestal - Cutting The Time to BAHA Use Following Trans-Labrynthine Acoustic Resection.
Presented and accepted for publication.
Liebenberg, W. A., Hornigold, R., Jones, R., Tranter, R.M.D., Hardwidge, C.

7. Setting the Standard - UK Neurosurgical Acoustic Neuroma Practice.
J R Gooden, C Hardwidge, R M D Tranter
Annals of The Royal College of Surgeons of England
Volume 88 No. 5, September 2006

8. Better Teamwork in UK Skull Base Surgery
R M D Tranter and C Hardwidge
ENT News.
Volume 15 Number 6 January/February 2007

9. The Otological Aspects of Whiplash Injury
R M D Tranter
Expert Issues 02, Summer 2008, Page 5.

10. A Review of the Otological Aspects of Whiplash
R M D Tranter, J R Graham
Expert Issues 02, Summer 2008, Page 5
Accepted for Publication September 2008
Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine

11. Adult epiglottitis: an under-recognized, life-threatening condition
W A Ames, V M M Ward, R M D Tranter and M Street
British Journal of Anaesthesia 85 (5): 795-7 (2000)

12. Now you see the drum, now you don’t: a rare case of conductive hearing loss in a child
N Seymour, R Tranter, K Argiris and N Saunders
International Journal of Speech & Language Pathology and Audiology 2017, 5, 1 – 4

13. BAHA use in trans labyrinthine acoustic neuroma resection.
Tranter R, Liebenberg W A, Georges H, Hardwidge C.
SBNS Edinburgh April 2005. Brit J Neurosurgery. Abstract

14. Hearing on a pedestal – cutting time to BAHA use in trans labyrinthine acoustic neuroma resection.
Liebenberg W A, Georges H, Hornigold R, Jones, R, Tranter R, Hardwidge C.
Poster. 4th International Skull Base Meeting. Sydney 2004. Skull Base Journal.

15. Outcome of bone-anchored Hearing Aid Provision for unilateral deafness following acoustic neuroma surgery. C L Wad, A D Morley, S Hogan, A Burchett, N C Saunders, R Tranter, C Hardwidge.
Abstract. European Skull Base Society Meeting. Prague May 2007. Skull Base.

16. Malignant transformation of acoustic neuroma 10 years after Gamma Knife Stereotactic Radiosurgery.
Demetriades A, Saunders N, Rose P, Fisher C, Tranter R, Hardwidge C.
WSBS Rotterdam April 2009. Abstract. Skull Base Journal.

Recent Lectures

Bob Tranter has been invited to lecture on the ENT aspects of severe head injury at the following venues:

1. London - The Brain Injury Trust. September 2014.

2. Cardiff - Hugh James, Medical Conference. March 2015.

3. Vellore - Christian Medical College. April 2015

4. University of Sussex Faculty of Medicine – Series of lectures to Physician’s Associates on ENT conditions.